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The Flag of the Sokoto Caliphate

It was the 18th century ...

true Islamic ideals were indistinguishable from local customs, practices and superstitions.  A lineage of corrupt kings had set their thrones on oppression, tribalism, inequality towards women and abuse.  During these times, the Foulani nomads established an Islamic clerical movement based on the Malaki school of thought and began to shift the paradigm back to the Quran and Sunnah.

Uthman ibn Fodio was that paradigm. He was around 20 years old, when Allah SWT gave him the ability to express himself extremely well, and he would move throughout Hausaland teaching in a number of various areas. He focused on giving the masses of the people basic Islamic education:  learning fiqh, learning tawheed, understanding the life of the Prophet PBUH and the basic rudiments for a sound Islamic education.  As he was well-versed in classical Arabic, Hausa, Foulani and Tuwadic language, he became more capable of speaking and teaching the masses.  His doors of education were open to women, children and men because society could only improve together as a whole.

The kings became nervous and began to take notice as Shaykh Uthman ibn Fodio soon asked for laws to be changed to be more in line with Islam.  He and his followers were attacked by the order of the kings and this is when the sword of truth was drawn ...

This site is dedicated in capturing the teachings of Shaykh Uthman ibn Fodio as the issues he rectified and handled are all relevant to our current times.


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